• Computer programming
6 Dows Ln, Irvington, NY 10533, USA
Apr 01 2019
Jun 10 2019
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Class dates

04/01/2019, 04/08/2019, 04/29/2019, 05/06/2019, 05/13/2019, 05/20/2019, 06/03/2019, 06/10/2019


In this class, students will be introduced to logic of coding and programming through SCRATCH, the coding language developed by M.I.T. Through use of a graphical drag and drop interface, students learn how to create simple programs that are fun, animated and personalized. Each class contains a separate lesson in Scratch and students can share their work with their families at the end of class. Each student must have access to a computer in order to participate in this class.  


Participants must currently be in grades 1 to 3.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 8

Maximum: 13

Registration period

Registration starts on 03/01/2019 and ends on 03/25/2019.


6 Dows Ln, Irvington, NY 10533, USA
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